Week 1: 31st December – Coconut and Fresh Lime Cake

Since new years eve was a half day at work, I thought I’d bake my way into the new year with the most eye catching recipe of my new book. I received so many wonderful christmas pressies this year but highlights from Mummy, Nanny and Mummo were some lovely kitcheny baking things: a beautiful Orla Kiely cake dome, Orla Kiely cake tins, and ‘Delia’s Cakes’.

As I rifled through the pages of my first ever Delia book, my heart fluttered as I rested on the recipe for lime and coconut cake. Lemon and lime are my favourite flavours when it comes to sweet treats so this had to be created and quick!

It was to be my first cake baked in my new flat, and until this moment I hadn’t appreciated how little surface space I actually have now. Going from an large open plan kitchen in a house to a tiny cramped kitchen in a city flat is quite a leap that I hadn’t considered (I suppose Rachel Khoo manages in her little Paris kitchen but it’s not bloody easy). What ensued was a barrage of expletives when my tin liners got covered in coffee as I tried to cut them near the hot drink making part of the counter. I quickly ran out of space when Iined up my ingredients and cookery tools. The scariest moment was realising that I had moved house leaving behind my large mixing bowl (Le Creuset style cast iron pots double up successfully I soon found out).

The next obstacle came when I noticed that I’d only read half of the ingredients list and was missing a lime and a box of icing sugar – quickly solved by Rob saving the day and heroically battling the elements to cross the road and get some for me from the Sainsbury’s local. I think he was just relieved to be away from my shouting and cursing for a while…

Coconut and Lime Cake

I got there in the end! It didn’t look as pretty as Delia’s (Sainsbury’s only had unrefined icing sugar so my cake was a caramelly colour rather than glistening white) and I got really tired of segmenting limes so opted for some lime zest twirls instead. Delia also suggested using dried cocomnut milk powder but I couldn’t find any so I used dried coconut cream that comes in a little block. As long as you soften  it and mix it in well enough I think this does the trick equally well.

Here’s the recipe for you to try: http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/cuisine/european/english/fresh-lime-and-coconut-cake.html

It really is a triumph! It scored highly with Mummy, Rob, (me if I may say so) and my 3 work colleagues who were lucky enough to get a piece 🙂


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