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Baking Break

I haven’t baked in ages and I’m really missing it but have been poorly with the flu for a week now. Luckily I’ve been looked after and nursed back to health so I’m ready and raring to get back on the baking wagon this weekend!

Am doing dinner for 5 on Saturday so sounds like a great excuse for a cake if you ask me!


Best Invention Ever

That is all.


My Poorly Hairy Bikers Sausage Surprise

On Tuesday, (since I was still feeling under the weather) for the second time in two days my boyfriend cooked me dinner. My only specification was that I wanted something warming and made with love (but really I wanted was something that would include sausages, as naughty and unfriendly to my diet as they are).

I crept into the kitchen to watch him unload the shopping bags and low and behold – there was a pack of 6 Duchy Organic sausages! My prayers had been answered. What followed was this:

I’ve never much been a fan of the Hairy Bikers TV shows, but every one of their recipes I’ve tried has been a delight, this one included. We cooked only half of the recipe and that made 3 generous portions so I’ve got some left over for lunch today too – lucky girl! For a casserole, it was remarkably quick to make so can be included in the Midweek Meal category as well as a Weekend Warmer.

I cannot recommend their Hairy Dieters cook books highly enough either – they have great ‘Fakeaway’ sections where you rustle up low fat alternatives to your favourite Chinese and Indian dishes. They have great calorie breakdowns in the and you won’t believe that what you’re eating can fit in with a diet but somehow it does!

I’m addicted to Orla Kiely mugs!

How many mugs can one kitchen hold? Not enough when its my kitchen in question.

My lovely boyfriend got me a random assortment of Orla Kiely mugs in March and I love every one of them dearly. But since then, Orla seems to churn out more mug designs at the pace of a runaway train… and I want THEM ALL!

Sorry… This isn’t remotely foodie

Check out these babies. Just found them no the V&A website. They’re £25 each and fabulous christmas pressies. Perhaps you could use them for your recipe books!

Nigel Slater’s Courgetti

Looks like everyone in the Southwark Street area watched Nigel Slater yesterday. I managed to bag myself Marks and Spencers LAST courgettes!

Tonight I will be experimenting with Nigel’s idea to use courgette ribbons instead of pasta, serving them with a red pesto and cherry toms (very post-USA-pig-out diet friendly I think!)

Watch this space for verdicty and pictures!


Jamie Oliver’s Proper Bloke’s Sausage Pasta

One of my favourite pasta recipes – so easy to make! I’ve put my own spin on this one by using chilli penne for a bit of extra kick and I’ve grated ribbons of courgette into it at the last minute to make sure I’m getting my five a day!