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Week 1: 30th December – Flamiche

Didn’t mean to start as soon as the 30th of December but didn’t really have a choice (still counts though!).

Spent boxing day through to the 28th at Rob’s Mum’s house down in Brighton (will call her Mummo going forward – my mum will be known as Mummy). As all mums always do she had got WAY to much food for the 3 of us to eat in a month, let alone 3 days, so we left on the saturday afternoon with a hamper of treats. Among them was an especially smelly camenbert; so smelly infact that we had to stop at a petrol garage on the way back to London to stock up on car airfresheners to stop Rob from throwing up!

After a day of recoiling in horror everytime the fridge door opened (and I started to worry for our little rabbit Ted as his sensitive little nostrils were all a quiver when the cheesy culprit was exposed to the air) I decided some swift action needed to be taken before it grew legs and started to take over.

Something we usually have when we visit Mummo is a tradtitional Flemish type of quiche called a ‘Flamiche’ and it happens to contain alot of camenbert. Paul Hollywood’s book ‘How To Bake’ has an excellent recipe, so I set about it with haste.

I always use ready rolled pastry as it’s delicious and saves so much time. The only other things you need are double cream, leeks (which I always seem to have sitting forgotten in the fridge), eggs and of course the star of the show, camenbert!

Blind bake the pastry in a tart tin for 15 minutes at 180. Meanwhile, you can be sauteing chopped leeks in a pan with a nice big blob of butter until soft. Beat together 300ml of double cream (yep this is going to be rich and not diet friendly at all), 4 egg yolks (it gets richer!) and a pinch of nutmeg, salt and pepper. Nutmeg isn’t essential but I do love the subtle spice it adds to a dish.

Once your pastry case is out of the oven, let it cool for a while and then drop in your leeks. One great thing about this dish is that it’s supposed to be a rustic old thing that you can rustle up real quick so it doens’t matter what it ends up looking like, it’ll taste delicious anyway. Then pour on your cream mixture to fill the pastry case right to the top. Next layer on slices of camenbert, you can be as artistic as you like but make sure you get good coverage as it’s the best bit!

Bake for about 25-30 minutes (have a peep after 20 and see what colour it is on top – I like mine to be slightly darker than golden brown so you get a bit of bite from the crispy cheese).

I promise you will not regret trying this one. It’s so easy to make and one of my favourite things to eat.

It got full marks from both Mummy and Rob (who was dismayed to hear I threw the last remaining slither in the bin on new years day morning since it had been laying on the side in the kitchen for over 12 hours).

So there’s bake 1 out of the way!